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Such a beautiful morning with this family, how lucky am I?  I have learned that if I want to create imagery that feels in alignment with who I am, is not overly "proppy" or contrived, and speaks to my soul, it is paramount that I follow my heart.  I think most artists create their best work when looking within for inspiration, instead of at what everyone else is doing.  I have never captured newborns in studio, and have always preferred to do it in a client's home.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it that way for the record, it's just a stylistic choice that I prefer.  It feels more organic and authentic to me, which is where I want to be.  It is my desire as a photographic artist (if at all possible) to capture a hint of a person's essence.  To contribute to their story, their legacy -- which in my books is a whole lot more than simply what a person "looks like", although what you look like is obviously a part of "you" and your story.  It's about who you ARE in a moment - the stories of our lives that essentially become the story of our life.  Isn't it really just a collection of moments... of snapshots in time?  Who we are, HOW we are, the things we do, the people we do them with and for.

As a newborn baby, you are more than just a sweet face.  You are the essence of innocence.  You are loved and cherished.  You are somebody's entire world. You drift off to dream in a nursery that was created with loving care and great anticipation.  You are surrounded by walls that have been decorated and adorned with heart and passion.  Walls that protect and comfort you - a home. A gift.  One day those walls will fade into the distant memory of where you began your life.  The world that surrounded you and kept you safe.  I want to capture the kinds of moments that I would treasure if the tables were turned.  When I look back at family snapshots over the years, what I find myself most drawn to are the ones with a heartfelt, genuine interaction.  A tender exchange, a true connection, an engaged look, a belly laugh, a friendship encapsulated, a spirit soaring.  Also a story.  It's the vintage wallpaper.  The peeling paint.  The shag carpet.  Your grandmother's painting on the wall.  The way the sun happens to shine through the window at just the right hour kissing the tip of your nose with light and bringing life to your eyes.  These are things I can't stage the way I want to in a studio.  I want your images to convey a hint of who you are in that very moment.  The most relaxed version of you I can evoke, in the familiar creature comforts of your home.  It is what I strive for, and always hope to accomplish.

I love the images we were able to capture here of this beautiful family, as they warm my heart on many levels.  As we were wrapping up our session, the ever gorgeous and sweet mama Courtney's father was just arriving on the scene.  As it turns out, I had been there for several hours as can be the case with wee babes, and I am positively sure it looked like a bomb had gone off.  There were blankets and fabrics and the typical remnants of newborns sessions (various cleaner upper tools with pee and poo on them) strewn all about.  He was kind in not mentioning any of it, although I would have expected anyone fresh on such a disastrous scene to question what in the blazes had happened in here.  He turned a blind eye, and all was right with the world.  As I made my way clumsily to the door striving somewhat unsuccessfully to carry everything in one swoop (yes, I do this with groceries too) I hear Courtney's voice from down the hall... "OH, did you get your bloomers???"  If this was any situation OTHER than the one that actually happened, that might have been awkward.  In this case, just rather humourous.  In case anyone was wondering, nope.  I hadn't forgotten my bloomers.  BABY bloomers.  I had them in the bag.   


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