If you sang this line, we will get along juuuuuust fine. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit! Allow me to introduce myself, and attempt to summarize what it is that I’m doing here in the Blogosphere. (Key word is attempt. Those of you who know me know that I tend to write short novels for e-mails and my voice mails more closely resemble Shakespearian soliloquies than “call me backs.”) Runs in the family. Alas, that is I. Who am I you ask? Kathy… a not so typical Photographer. Greeting card business enthusiast. Multi-passionate entrepreneur. Idea girl. Dreamer. Lover of life. Happy. Most days my brain is racing so fast with ideas and things I want to do, that I feel I’m too passionate for my own good. Who am I not? Perfectly organized. A fantastic housekeeper or gardener. My shoe collection would make Carrie Bradshaw cringe, and I get more excited about a good vintage score at Frenchy’s than I ever would about a Prada purse. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a fine set of heels like the next girl, but I just don't believe we have to spend the family fortune to look put together. I’m a pretty simple gal who believes there is a time and a place for everything. Including but not limited to: gummy bears, boxed wine, Zoodles, Mr. Noodles and occasionally (okay... very occasionally) Beefaroni. There, I said it, and frankly it feels quite good to get it off my chest. So it's no secret that I am fairly passionate, and put a lot of heart and soul into the things that inspire me. That means in business and in life because I feel like the two are really intertwined anyway - "How you do anything is how you do everything!" I believe that Confucius was right when he said "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it". I have realized over time that I can't help but see beauty. It is a problem at times. (Forget texting and driving, one shouldn't be permitted to "see beauty", or potential photo session locations for that matter, while driving.) I digress. When beauty jumps out of the world at you, it is easy to become passionate about photography - for me, it is a way to relay to others the beauty that I see in my minds eye. Life is short, this we all know. We are meant to enjoy it, appreciating and celebrating those who are important to us, in this lifetime. This blog is an immediate outlet for me to express and humour myself (and those who stumble by) attach sneak peeks of the happenings here at Legacy Junction Studios, offer fun contests and specials, and chronicle what’s going on in my crazy world. Feel free to sniff around - just promise not to laugh at my wordiness, okay? I truly can't resist! If you know me, you KNOW that is true! (To thine own self be true, no?) Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m so humbled and flattered that you’ve visited and would love to know! You’re welcome and encouraged to leave comments, and say hello!


Here's the cold hard truth about photo sessions.  While some men are totally stoked and can't wait to channel their inner GQ model, more often than not they are largely doing it to appease their female counterparts.  I'm not saying it's right, not saying it's wrong.  Just sayin'.  It's not necessarily on every man's list of "can't wait to-do's."  It's not their fault.  They are men after all.  Before you get all:  "Hey, watch it lady, I LOVE to have my photo taken" on me, I can say the same of women and some of our... uhhh, we'll call them "tendencies."  For example, there seems to be an inexplicable, yet overwhelming magnetic force that seems to reel women into a good shoe sale... and we can't help it either.  Some things just seem to be built right into our respective genetic codes.  So the thing about "engagement session day".  Some guys arrive on the scene and they are totally into it.  They get into the fashion and outfit selection, pitch in on location ideas, and, dare I say -- even look forward to it.  Not gonna lie, love these guys!  Some arrive kicking and screaming.  And some come with an "okay hunny, just tell me where you need me to be, and when, and what to do and I'll do it" mantra.  These guys are pretty adorable too.  And I would have to say that this was Taber.  He definitely wasn't (visibly anyway) kicking and screaming.  But I wouldn't say he was overzealous.  He seemed to be smack dab in the middle - a go with the flow type of lad.  Seemingly content to make his lady friend happy.  I'll take it.  I do have to say that by some undeniably good fortune, I manage to get the best clients on the planet.  The lovely Miss Heather and I had a lot of fun writing our short novels  e-mails back and forth.  She is not only beautiful, but very sweet.  She wrote me the kind of testimonial for my website that makes a girl blush (okay, and almost cry) and all I could think about was that I wish there was a need to write testimonials for clients! Because I can certainly testify that I have the best of 'em.  Onto the pics.  Gorgeous, no?


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